Clock of the Last Judgment closer to the Apocalypse

Clock of the Apocalypse of Humanity approaches or distances depending on what is happening now Same in the World project of the University of Chicago created 1947 .


The first thing we will try to explain is this Judgment Clock or (end of the world calendar). It is a project of the University of Chicago created in 1947 by the creators of the first atomic bomb. Every year they are published in the Virtual magazine that represents the old clock that can be seen on this websites.

Clock of the Apocalypse of La Humanida is approaching or distancing depending on what is happening right now in the World, what remains of Time remaining 12 hours, symbolizes international relations and its nuclear capabilities. Very easy to understand the closer we are to midnight is a symbol of catastrophe, which is the partial or total destruction of our civilization as we know it.

The first thing that brought the clock handles closer to the disaster was nuclear cataclysm. Today, the serious global climate change in the (Doomsday clock) is also joined. The Last Meeting was attended by a large number of experts and 18 Nobel Prize winners advance 30 seconds this at the danger level of History.

Here An example of what happened in the Last years Coming to Armageddon:

In 1949 the Soviet Union tests its First atomic bomb was tested the Clock approaches 23:57.
In 1953, the United States and Soviet Union thermonuclear bombs 23:58 for the day of the Last Judgment.
In 1960, on the verge of nuclear war 23:53.
In 1963, the US And Russia sign an agreement on nuclear weapons is delayed at 23:48.

In 2017 with the Arrival Donald Trump is ahead of 23:57. But this does not mean that New Presiente is going to destroy humanity, it is because President of the United States will increase its nuclear capability. In addition, Trump refuses to recognize global warming. Finally, manifestation of xenophobia and even nationalism, which supposedly should have a negative impact on the relations between the different states of the planet. That can lead to the outbreak of a third world war and the mutual destruction of nuclear powers (Supposedly).